Achieving a high level of security assurance calls for an even higher level of security awareness. It can all be achieved at TRUMUN ISA your trusted source in OPERATIONS, ENGINEERING, DESIGN, and AUDITING

Managed Security Appliance (MSA) - Enterprise size security

Our managed appliances are available to  businesses of all sizes that are looking to implemet an all-in-one networking and security cluster  that is crafted to meet their current business goals and highly scalable at the same time. Our clusters are compiled and configured by certified professionals who’s sole duty is to meet the cybersecurity SECURE BY DESIGN and SECURE BY DEFAULT standard.

Unmanaged Security Appliance (UMSA) - Small to Medium sized Businesses

Unlike our managed services we also developed a solution suitable for home-based and small businesses that prioritize ease of use and strong protection. Designed for those lacking extensive technical expertise, it provides seamless security, ensuring your network stays fully protected and compliant while you focus on achieving your business goals. With straightforward deployment and user-friendly controls, our stack empowers you to navigate the digital landscape confidently, fostering both growth and peace of mind.

Custom Solutions


A remote support Operations team that delivers Enterprise level immunity against Cyber Attacks and Network Performance Degradation.


Your networking and security ideas are brought to life from a point of Architecture to a point of implementation using our team of designers having more than 13 years of industry leading experience.


An audit that involves a thorough evaluation of network infrastructure, applications, vulnerabilities, security gaps, and adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements.


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